Google Glass App Development

Google Glass is coming.  Already deployed to the early adopters, mass penetration is expected as Google releases the device to the public at large.

Industry analysts are predicting that wearable devices will take off in a big way in 2014, and Google Glass will likely lead the way.

We Have the Glass Development Kit

While Glass runs on a variation of the Android Operating System, it requires a new method of interaction.  Instead of taps and finger swipes, it relies on voice commands and eye movement.  It also opens up a host of new application possibilities that are not possible with a SmartPhone or Tablet.

Developers at the Mobile Apps Company have been experimenting with the Glass Development Kit (GDK) and have created some amazing proofs of concepts which embrace the capabilities this unique piece of hardware delivers.

Imagine a physician’s app that allows a doctor to access patient records just by saying a few words.  Our developers have.  Or imagine a tour guide app that displays and announces information as the tourist approaches a monument or historic site.  Our developers have.

Opportunities with Glass

As with any technology device hitting the market with great expectations, you can rest assured that those early adopters of Google Glass will be seeking apps that leverage the unique attributes of the device.  They are going to want apps.  And they will want them as soon as they start interacting with Google Glass

We’ve seen this before – anytime a new gaming console is released as an example, the people who buy one also want to have apps to run on their systems.  While certainly not a toy, we fully expect that the early adopters of Google Glass will be searching for innovative apps for their devices.

By starting development now, you will be in a prime position to have a unique and compelling app available when the selection of apps will be relatively small.  If you’re ready to make a splash with Google Glass development, we’re ready to go.  Let’s Get Moving.

Let’s Get Moving

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