Android App Development

The big debate between which mobile platform to go with is growing. Android users are everywhere, nowadays, and the number keeps increasing. That’s a fact.  As of 2014, over 50% of Smartphones and Tablets in use run the Android operating system.  If you’re looking to have the greatest device penetration with your mobile application, you need to embrace Android.

However, it won’t be easy.  Android comes in many variations and it is a decidedly fractured operating system.  Only the most powerful devices can run the latest version of Android, while older machine and users are running versions that have been deployed for years.  And that can be a problem when you want to develop an app that can be used by the greatest number of devices, while also providing a consistently responsive user experience.

We know Android – All of Android

When you factor in all of the devices capable of running some version of Android, you are faced with a dizzying array of form factors, screen resolutions and sizes, processing power and available memory.  You need a development company that can produce apps that can run on the widest swath of SmartPhones and Tablets, regardless of the variations.

You need the Android development expertise found at the Mobile Apps Company.

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